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I’m Tabitha Wanjiku, an ADHD coach. Throughout my life, I’ve encountered setbacks and failures, constantly feeling like I was falling short despite putting in immense effort. I did not understand why everything that came so easily to my peers often required so much effort from me. My own journey with ADHD began when I was diagnosed at the age of 23, and it was a pivotal moment in my life. Post-diagnosis, I had to learn what ADHD was, how it affected me, and the tools I needed to manage my ADHD. It has been a long and tedious process.

I understand firsthand the challenges and frustrations that come with ADHD. I also understand that diagnosis only marks the beginning of an unlearning and relearning process and I can tell you for free, it’s hard to do it alone. Through my personal journey, I discovered a deep passion for helping others facing similar struggles. I realized that many individuals with ADHD or executive function problems work tirelessly, trying numerous strategies and tricks, only to find them short-lived or ineffective. They deserve more than just fleeting solutions. We deserve more.

Executive Functions

One of the key aspects I focus on is executive functioning and self-regulation. Think of executive functions as the brain processes responsible for selecting, monitoring, and adjusting our behaviors and choices to help us achieve our goals. It’s like being at a traffic junction where some of the traffic lights aren’t working or are only partially functional. As you can imagine, this would lead to chaos on the roads. Similarly, when you have deficits in executive functioning, it can disrupt your daily life and make it challenging to stay organized, focused, and on track.

When these functions are impaired, it can lead to chaos in our daily lives. That’s why I’m passionate about helping individuals with ADHD and ADHD-like tendencies develop effective strategies to manage their executive function deficits. By learning to self-regulate and self-manage, we create systems that compensate for these deficits and allow everything to work smoothly.

P/sYou don’t have to have ADHD to have executive function deficits. You can learn more about executive functions from this article.

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💡 Vision

To see individuals with ADHD surpassing limitations, embracing their strengths, and becoming trailblazers in their fields, contributing to a world where their abilities are celebrated and harnessed to drive positive change

🎯 Mission

To empower individuals with ADHD to triumph over obstacles, flourish, and achieve meaningful goals by equipping them with personalized tools, resources, and genuine support.

🚀 Corporate Objectives

To empower our clients to overcome challenges and thrive with genuine support.
To unlock our clients’ potential for success by helping them overcome underachievement
To help our clients to navigate life’s difficulties and achieve fulfillment with ADHD empowerment.
To assist our clients in setting and accomplishing meaningful goals, leading to purpose and accomplishment.
To provide personalized strategies, tools, and resources for effective ADHD and life management.
To advocate for awareness, acceptance, and support, reducing stigma and promoting inclusivity for individuals with ADHD.
To foster a supportive community for growth and connection among those with ADHD.

💎 Values

Empathy: Understanding and empathizing with the experiences of individuals with ADHD.
Adaptability: Tailoring approaches to meet the unique needs and strengths of each client.
Positivity: Maintaining a positive mindset to inspire optimism and resilience.
Collaboration: Working collaboratively with clients as partners in the coaching process.
Lifelong Learning: Committing to continuous personal and professional development.
Respect: Treating every individual with ADHD with respect and honoring their experiences.
Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and honesty.
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