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    Tabitha Wanjiku

    As a certified ADHD coach, I am passionate about helping individuals with ADHD realize their full potential. I know firsthand what itโ€™s like to receive a late ADHD diagnosis โ€“ I was diagnosed at 23. My journey to diagnosis was frustrating, confusing, and at times, discouraging. It wasnโ€™t any different afterward.

    Post-diagnosis, I had to learn what ADHD was, how it affected me, and the tools I needed to manage my ADHD. It has been a long and tedious process. I want to save you that time by lending you my knowledge and skills as we design a personalized plan that works for you. 
    Let me show you the shortcut.

    How May I Help You?

    Unlock your full potential and conquer the challenges that come with ADHD or Executive
    function deficits with our personalized coaching packages.

    ADHD Coaching

    This personalized support helps individuals with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) develop strategies to manage their symptoms and improve their daily functioning.

    Executive Functions Coaching

    This personalized support can help anyone improve any of the 11 executive functions, such as prioritization, planning, procrastination, time management, etc.

    Supporting someone with ADHD

    You will learn how to support your loved one with ADHD best and how to take care of yourself even as you take care of them

    Our Happy Clients!

    You are a very gentle but firm accountability partner. I was able to do several things that I was avoiding through being held accountable. I also did not feel judged in areas where I felt I was not doing as well as I thought. This really allowed me to be kinder to myself because ADHD is hard and kindness really helped me move some really hard things forward

    Cynthia Onyango

    ADHD Coaching

    Tabitha’s experience and understanding of ADHD is a relief for anyone struggling with executive dysfunction. Seeing her move forward is hope enough that I can do it too.

    Grace Wanja

    ADHD Coaching

    Tabitha is lovely. The coaching style is very conversational. A good start to understanding ADHD.

    Kinya Kimathi

    Supporting someone with ADHD

    To go ahead [and sign up for coaching] because Tabitha is one of the few unique people who is good at what she does.

    Noah Mutuma

    ADHD Coaching

    Anyone thinking of getting coached by Tabitha should do it. The sessions are engaging, enlightening and practical. I enjoyed every moment and liked doing the assignments. The coaching was worth it.

    Nimus Claire

    Executive Function Coaching

    Topics I Discuss

    The Executive Functions
    Motivation and goal persistence
    Emotional self-regulation
    Goal setting

    Benefits of Coaching

    Understanding ADHD
    Effective goal setting
    Increased productivity
    Improved time management
    Improved emotional self-regulation
    Enhanced self-management
    Better impulse control

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    Coaching empowers you to identify their strengths, overcome obstacles, and reach their goals. Let me help you thrive in all aspects of your life.

    You can take a look at my coaching packages or schedule a free 30-minute consultation using the buttons below.

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